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WHAT SHOES SHOULD YOU WEAR?: If you do not have the proper type of shoe for Zumba® class you will most likely get sore knees.  You need a shoe with good lateral support  and very little tread. Class attendees really like the Puma Wylie Infinity, Adidas Arianna II (not sure if this model is still available, but it was one of my personal favorites), Adidas Sumbrah (I think this may be the "new" shoe that replaces the Adidas Arianna II), New Balance 442, Nike Huarache, Nike Musique, Nike Zoom, Puma and the lightweight low profile Sketchers. (If you have a favorite shoe that is not on this list please let me know so I can add it)

WHY DO I TEACH ZUMBA FITNESS®? Read my "Tragedy to Triumph" story by selecting the "ABOUT ME" tab above. I have worked through a life threatening accident that left my doctors telling me I would "never be the same". Four years later I am so thankful that I'm not!!! Zumba Fitness® is a blessing that God gave me to heal me and make me stronger than I have ever been. I'm a walking miracle! See my story featured in the current Zumba® Infomercials being aired on cable and on the BeHeard Network at beheardnetwork.com

I remember the first moment I walked into a Zumba Fitness® class on May 5, 2009. I was invited by a friend who knew I had a long road of recovery ahead of me after suffering a tragic accident that left my body broken and shattered. (Click on the "ABOUT ME" tab a the top of this page to read my full "story") She wanted to encourage me with a class that she knew from experience would bring me great joy. As soon as I walked through the front doors I knew this fitness class was very different than anything else I had ever experienced. The instructor greeted us with a smile and gave us some verbal encouragement, the music started playing, we all started moving, and I instantly found myself grinning ear to ear throughout the entire hour-long routine.

zumba_class_resizedWhat makes Zumba Fitness® different is that it’s an exciting, vibrant and entertaining dance fitness party that incorporates several genres of international music with a wide variety of dance rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. The beauty of the Zumba Fitness® program is that you don’t need any level of dance or fitness experience in order to enjoy the workout party to its fullest. I have never been a dancer and I started classes at a time when my physical body was a wreck.  I was nervous at first, but I quickly came to realize that there is no need to master the steps or feel any pressure to perfect the moves. When you walk through the front doors you simply need to leave your day at the door, put a smile on your face, relax, and enjoy the music.


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